Using the Long Ruler with FocusTune.

You can use either the original version or the new genration 4 version...

The difference in the Gen 4 are the following:

  • Background color is a very light gray as opposed to white, so that exposure is more even between FocusTarget and the Ruler.
  • Graphics are optimized for ue with FocusTune (but the original ruler can still be used).
  • Red "Click points" are marked on the ruler for proper crop assignment in the FocusTune Software Version 4.

The original long ruler is on the left and the Generation 4 ruler is on the right:

If you want to use the original Long Ruler with Focustune 4:

You can mark your original long ruler with a Red Sharpie (color does not matter) so that you have the proper click points in the test photos.


You can just click the proper points based on the above graphic, Matching the locations.

No matter which ruler you use...

  • The order that you click is essential, as with the short ruler.
    • Left upper target
    • Right lower target
    • Left upper ruler
    • Right upper ruler
    • Left "zero Line"
    • Right "Zero Line"
    • Left lower ruler
    • Right lower ruler
  • With the long ruler the choice of which upper and lower click points to use is based on approximately where the DOF begin to lose sharpness. The upper and lower locations can be different from each other, but within the upper and within the lower, they must be directly across from each other (also see note below).
  • The accuracy of the upper and lower clicks is not so critical, but the clicks on the Zero Line Dots  should be as accurate as possible.

Note: Firstly, you can use the long ruler for all of the lenses. However, do not use the upper and lower most corner dots for your cropping of the ruler. Use the one's closet to the zero line unless they are in sharp focus, which will be rare. So, in other words, use the dots that are in the same locations as on the standard ruler. The other dots are only for extreme situations, which you will most likely never encounter.

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