What are the 10 basic steps to using LensAlign with FocusTune?

Simplified procedure...

  1. Set up camera on high quality tripod.
  2. Set up LensAlign on tripod. Pan/tilt head is recommended. An inexpensive video tripod is fine.
  3. Distance should be 25x the focal length of your lens (which is 8.2 feet per 100mm).
  4. Position the camera  and the LensAlign focus target using the True Parallel Alignment Sighting System.
  5. Set camera to proper settings using the camera settings checklist.
  6. Mount the Large Target-Plate and take sample shots to confirm proper positioning and determine proper exposure.
  7. Shoot a test series of 5-8 shots at each AF Adjustment (AFA) setting that you wish to evaluate. Lens should be wide open (ie. f1.4, f2, f2.8, etc.)
  8. Download images to computer
  9. Evaluate results using FocusTune software**. Go back to Step 7 if additional test shot are required at different AFA settings
  10. Set camera to proper AFA setting for the lens in the AF Micro-Adjustment (Canon) or AF Fine Tune (Nikon) menu item.Take corrective measures (adjust Auto Focus Micro Adjustment if available)

Notes: The above is a simplified summary. Please check the Knowledge Base for complete instructions.

**If FocusTune software is not available then evaluate images visually.

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