Latest Hardware Revisions - Focus Target Plate and Ruler

During the development of FocusTune v3, we carefully studied the relationship between the focus target plate and the ability of the camera's autofocus system to lock onto the target reliably and consistently. Also we desired to optimize the target plate so that FocusTune could gain as much "data" from the target as possible, even with less than consistent lighting and with some camera movement between shots. This resulted in the newly designed Focus Target Plates Generation 3 & 4. They aid in the AF adjustment process whether you use FocusTune alone, or LensAlign alone, or both in combination which is optimal for speed and accuracy of test and adjustment.

In addition we have optimized the ruler graphics to be optimized for both 'reading" by FocusTune and/or a human being. The LensAlign Generation 4 includes both the new ruler and target plate design. If you purchase a LensAlign MkII from a dealer and it does not include new generation 4 ruler a target plate, let us know and we will send them to you for the cost of postage only (just send a support ticket with proof of purchase).

*Note: The target and ruler are designed for the LensAlign MkII only (not the Pro or Lite versions). Of course the target (not the ruler) is also optimum as a wall mounted target for when FocusTune is used without LensAlign.

Gen 3 (left) and Gen 2 (right)
Gen 3 Target with new Ruler

Purchase Links for FocusTune v4 Optimized parts:
Target + Ruler $17.95

Focus Target Gen 3 Download

This target can be used with FocusTune in lieu of the hi-rez screened factory target. Because we cannot know the quality and tonal density of your printing process we recommend that a factory target be purchased. But if the download target is carefully printed on heavyweight matte paper in many cases it will be sufficient for good results. Follow the directions on the target when printing.

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