What are the differences between LensAlign Pro and the new MkII?

LensAlign Pro (Discontinued in 2012)

  • Not optimized for use with FocusTune software
  • Comes assembled and has been "laser certified" for TPA accuracy. 
  • Stainless Steel DOF Display Ruler with 1 display surface choice 
  • Ruler is 9.5 inches long and can be adjusted to 5 preset angles ranging from 45 to 5 degrees 
  • Can mount on table top or tripod 
  • Cannot fold down for travel 
  • Can accept Long Ruler Kit option which provides a 48 inch ruler and a larger focus target 
  • Has Enumerator for visually documenting the distance and AFA settings 
  • No longer available

LensAlign MkII

  • Optimized for use with FocusTune software.
  • Must be assembled by end user (2-3 minutes with no tools)
  • TPA accuracy is guaranteed due to precision design and manufacture (no laser certification required).
  • Rigid Styrene DOF Display Ruler with 2 display surface choices 
  • Ruler is 10.5 inches long and has a fixed angle of 20 degrees 
  • Can mount on table top or tripod 
  • Can be quickly disassembled for travel 
  • Can accept new MKII Long Ruler option which provides a 32 inch ruler for longer test distances
  • Does not have an Enumerator
  • $84.95

Both have the identical accuracy, ease of setup, TPA Sighting, and precision repeatability that are unique to LensAlign.


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