What is LensAlign MkII made from? (someone told me cardboard!)

No it is not made from cardboard.  And it never was! For whatever reason an Amazon reviewer posted incorrect information and it has lived on. The majority of LensAlign parts are made from a plastic material known as rigid vinyl. It is strong and waterproof and can be precision die cut to extremely tight tolerances, which is how we manufacture the parts. The precision dies are known as blanking dies and are all custom designed and cost from a a few thousand dollars to tens of thousand of dollars each!

The rest of the parts parts that make up the base assembly are made from extruded PVC and aluminum,  and the tripod socket is steel. Everything is Made in America (except maybe for the tripod socket...not sure about that).

We regularly received comments from designers and engineers like this one we received from Gary:

  • "Great product by the way. I was impressed with how well it has been manufactured and how accurately it assembles".
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