What do I do if LensAlign confirms that I have a focus problem?

**If your camera has AF Adjust capability...**
([Click for List of Cameras](https://mtd.tenderapp.com/faqs/lensalign-how-to/which-cameras-have-the-af-micro-adjustment))

You can use the camera's Micro Adjustment feature along with LensAlign to "tune" the lens to the body. Or if the problem is more drastic, you can return the lens to the manufacturer with the LensAlign documentation photos which should demonstrate the problem to the technician. When the gear is returned you can then use LensAlign to confirm that in fact the problem has been resolved. Many times you can further tweak a repaired camera (as well as a camera out of the box) to a more accurate AF situation. it is not that the manufacturer cannot do it, it is just that they do not, or that they do not have both your body and every lens you use. Each camera/lens combination has its AF adjustment requirement. So if you have 2 bodies and 5 lenses, that is 10 different AF adjustments (some body/lens combinations may of course be working perfectly and require a setting of 0 (no adjustment needed). if you throw a TC into the mix then there are more combinations needed to be tested and potentially adjusted. The camera is capable of saving the adjustment for each lens with and without a mating TC.

**If your camera does *not* has AF Adjust capability...**

Then you should document the focus problem and return the camera and/or lenses to the manufacturer according to their recommendations.

The value of LensAlign is that you have a repeatable test bed (controlled evaluation environment) to test and tweak a micro-adjustment (AF Fine Tune) or a repair (if needed) by the manufacturer.

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