Will LensAlign work with *my* camera?

LensAlign works with all cameras.

However, it is important to understand what *works* means.

The task of LensAlign is to allow you to test your focusing system. That includes manual focus and auto-focus. It will display on its DOF Ruler Display whether or not the camera focuses at the place where it was suppose to, whether you focused it via the manual or auto focus systems. In this way LensAlign works with all cameras as stated above.

**Cameras with Auto Focus Micro-Adjustment**

The most recent mid/high end DSLR cameras have a feature that is generally called Auto-Focus Adjustment (or AFA for short). With this feature it is possible to offset the distance that the camera actually focuses at, such that it corresponds with the place it was told to focus at.

([Click for List of Cameras](https://mtd.tenderapp.com/faqs/lensalign-how-to/which-cameras-have-the-af-micro-adjustment))

With the above cameras, LensAlign is used to allow a photographer to adjust the AFMA of each camera body so that every lens mounted onto that camera body will be optimized for best performance. In other words, an AFA adjustment is made using LensAlign and the in-camera menu system, during a sequence of test shots, so that camera/lens performance can be maximized.

Check other FAQs that discuss to use LensAlign with camera that do not have the AFMA (or AF Tune) feature.

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