WhiBal when shooting JPEG only

The WhiBal card is as useful for JPEG shooters as RAW, or even more useful. That is because the WB is *baked* into a JPEG and any post adjustment to the file is destructive in nature, reducing the quality of the file. Whereas with RAW, any post adjustment has no effect on the *quality* of the resultant image. So it is more important to get it right in a JPEG because later, there is little latitude for correction , it is harder to achieve a *proper* WB, and any adjustment is destructive. So in fact the best way to achieve a proper White balance setting in JPEG is to use a WhiBal card for in-camera WB adjustment. This will give you a very accurate WB. Even if you choose to change the WB later for artistic or subjective reasons, you will only be deviating just a little which will leave the file with as much quality as possible.

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