LensAlign testing and adjusting for macro work.

When using LensAlign for macro work, there are 3 considerations apart from normal usage.

* AF adjustments should always be made at the distance closest to the actual shooting distance. So when shooting close-up, the adjustments made at the normal MRD (Minimum Recommended Distance as suggested by the [LensAlign Distance Tool](http://www.whibalhost.com/lensalign/ldt/index.html)) will probably not be accurate for close-up work. *And for sure the Adjustment made at macro distance will definitely not work at normal shooting distances.* Therefore, the AF test/adjust should be made as close to the distance range that you are shooting as possible.

* This brings into light (no pun intended) that if the default (center) sighting port is used for the alignment of the camera to focus target, the ruler might not be visible within the frame. That is the purpose of the sighting port closest to the ruler and marked as "Macro" on the rear of the LensAlign Mk II, and the "E" port on the LensAlign Pro. The camera/focus-target alignment is most critical up close so be sure to fine tune the alignment.

* All of the above applies to the Auto or Manual focus system. However it is important to note that method that will achieve the best chance of *perfect focus* is Live View. By manually focusing in Live View (with the magnify function) you are assured that the focus will be exactly what you want. This is because the focus derived in Live View is from the Imaging Sensor, which is also where the image capture occurs. This is not the case in Auto or manual focus, which is why they are both subject to error.

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