In very simple terms, what are the steps to test a body/lens combination?

Same for PRO and MkII

1. Set up camera on high quality tripod

2. Set up LensAlign on tripod or table top (light tripod is OK)

3. Distance should be at least 25x the focal length of your lens (which is 8.2 feet per 100mm). You can also use the [LensAlign Distance Tool](

4. Align the camera imaging plane to the LensAlign focus target using the TPA (True Parallel Alignment) Sighting System. (TPA(tm) is patent pending)

5. Close the sight gate (pro only)

6. Focus using the focus system that you wish to test (auto or manual) with lens wide open (ie. f1.4, f2, f2.8, etc.)

7. Evaluate results as displayed on the DOF Display Ruler

8. Take corrective measures (adjust Auto Focus Micro Adjustment if available)

*Note: The above is a simplified summary. Please check the user guide for complete instructions.*

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