What comes in the box?

LensAlign MkII

The LensAlign MkII does not come in the box completely assembled. By being able to ship the MkII in a "knocked down" state, we can offer a product with the critical precision at a very low shipping cost. The assembly takes about 2-3 minutes, requires no tools, and results in an assembled product that meets the same precision specifications that have made LensAlign Pro the standard in the industry. Our design efforts have resulted in a seemingly simple device that belies its accuracy and precision after assembly. What comes in the box is the following:

  • Front and Rear Vertical Focus Target Plates
  • Left and Right Stands
  • Top Strut
  • Base/Tripod Mount Assembly (with 1/4-20 standard tripod socket)
  • 10.5 inch DOF Display Ruler
  • Illustrated Assembly Instructions

LensAlign MkII Fusion

The MkII Fusion bundle is identical to the MkII, except that it includes a license to use our Focustune software. The Activation Serial# License Key is provided in 1 of 2 ways:

When purchased from a Dealer (online or brick and morter)

The Serial number comes in the LensAlign MkII Box and is printed on a 4x6 card.

When purchased from the Michel Tapes Design eShop

The serial number is printed on the packing slip for the order. The packing slip is send via email, and also included in the shipping box. No 4x6 card is provided.

Long Ruler Kit Option (For MkII)

The Long ruler kit comes in the same shaped box as the MkII, but the contents are of course different.

  • 3-piece ruler assembly
  • Large Focus Target
  • Illustrated Assembly Instructions

LensAlign MkII Plus

The LensALign MkII Plus is provided in 2 same sized boxes. One contains the LensAlign MkII and the  other contains the optional Long Ruler Kit.

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