Is there a focus difference between the viewfinder and live view?

***** MICHAEL. Not sure about this one...

Not sure what (or if) im doing wrong, but im taking 2 pictures, one in live view, and one through the viewfinder.

When I look at the liveview picture, the 0 is perfect (after a -12 adjustment) and the number 4 above the 0 is pretty clear, and the number 4 below the 0 is a bit more blurry than the top number 4.

Yet when I look at the picture from the viewfinder, the 0 is still perfect, and the top number 4 is a bit out of focus and the number 4 below the 0 appears a bit out of focus (exactly the same as the number 4 above the 0).

So, im getting two different pictures and am not sure which to use for my final adjustment. Do I go by the liveview picture and adjust a bit more to fix the front /back or use the viewfinder picture and leave it alone since it show the same above and below the 0?

posted this as info in case it helps anyone. I spoke with Michael and he explained my canon 5dII is using 2 different focus systems, one for live view and one for the viewfinder. He recommended using the viewfinder picture and NOT the liveview picture.

Hopefully this info is usefull for any other shooter that tried both modes as well..

This seems to be the case with the Canon 7d as well.

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