Can I test rangefinder cameras with LensAlign?

Yes. But rangefinder cameras require a change in the methodology in aligning the LensAlign focus target to the sensor plane so that they are parallel. Since the rangefinder it self does not have the same *view* as the actual lens, we cannot use it to do the alignment. If the camera has a *Live View* feature, we can use that just like an SLR. But if it does not, we have to do the alignment by taking a picture, check the alignment, move the camera, take another shot, etc. A with the DSLR you have to set the camera and LensAlign such that the rear hole is centered in the front hole, as viewed by the lens.

Once the alignment is complete, the process is the same as with a DSLR. Use the rangefinder to focus on the focus target, and then check the capture to see where the point focus plane lies. If it is not at the 0 line ten the camera is out of calibration. The *adjustment* that needs to be made is mechanical and will vary from camera to camera and in most cases should be done by a camera technician.

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