Best Focus Target to Use?

Large Focus Target (Gen 3 and 4)

Whether you are using FocusTune or LensAlign alone ot together (as is recommended), the most repeatable and accurate results will be obtained using the factory manufactured Large Focus Target (Gen 3 or 4). The Gen 3/4 target is included with all LensAlign MkII systems (it also comes with the LensAlign Long Ruler Kit). If you purchased a LensAlign before this target was developed, or if you are using our FocusTune software without a LensAlign system, you may purchase the Gen 4 target from our online e-shop.  Alternately, you can download a PDF version of the target and print it out yourself on a high quality inkjet printer. However we caution you that the results obtained with the home printed version of the target cannot be as reliable as our manufacturing target due to the variables inherent in home inkjet printing. Our manufactured target is printed using high resolution lithographic printing techniques with five color controlled spot colors. This assures that the target will provide the most accurate results during autofocus testing and tuning.

Note: if you have the Generation 3 Target, there is no need to upgrade to the Generation 4 Target.


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