Camera Settings Checklist - FocusTune V3/V4


  • If Outdoors, use Aperture Priority Exposure - OK if lighting varies slightly - watch for glare and shadows
  • If lighting is constant artificial source (indoors), use manual exposure, manual ISO
  • Set Picture Style (or Picture Control) to Standard (not Normal, Vivid, Landscape, etc.) with default settings in place
  • Large-Fine Camera-shot JPEG images (not RAW conversions)
  • Single Center point AF (not Spot AF on Canon)
  • Single shot (not continuous)
  • Fixed White Balance (not Auto)
  • Shoot Wide open (in some cases it is best to shoot 1/3 to 1 stop down, especially with lenses 1.4 or faster)
  • All stabilization systems OFF (Canon IS, Nikon VR, etc)
  • Shake avoidance techniques
  • AFA settings (AF MicroAdjust or AF Fine-Tune) should be made to the "per lens" or "saved value" setting, not the "default" or "all lenses" setting
  • de-focus between shots slightly, in the same direction (towards "closer", not not de-focus to extremes)
  • Do not shoot in Live View mode
  • Do not use rear AF button. (click to find out why)
  • You should use a cable release or self timer.
  • Use highest exposure without causing the ruler or target to clip the highlights (watch the blinkies on the rear LCD to determine exposure)
  • ISO up to 1600 if needed (better to use ISO 1600 than to risk camera shake with lower shutter speed)
  • Use Crop mode if available (DX Crop mode on Nikon), 1.6 crop on Canon 5Ds/R. (This is just to keep file size down. It will not affect the results).
  • Position LensAlign and Camera using True Parallel Alignment, then mount Large Gen 3/4 Focus Target
  • Viewfinder eyepiece closed (or not direct light shining into it)
  • Shutter Delay Mode (Nikon)
  • Self-Timer (Canon)
  • Cable release

Suggestion: before taking an extended set of test files, take 6 quick shot at 3 different AFAs (2 each) and bring them into FocusTune to check that your settings are correct. You do not want to shoot an entire test series and find out that you had something set wrong.

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