What's New in FocusTune Version 4

FocusTune 4 changes:

  • New procedure for selecting the Target-Plate and Ruler regions for analysis:
    • New Zoom to 1:1
    • Additional Selection points (now 2 on target-plate and 6 on ruler)
  • New Clear Crop buttons for editing crop selection
  • New Screen layout for laptop screens
  • New Zoom Modes for processed image inspection (50% and 100%)
  • New Image inspection modes, now with and without visible Focus Mask
  • New Improved Focus Mask Algorithm
  • New "My DOF" selection and graphing that allow the overriding of FocusTune AFA suggestions
  • New Remove File Logic now moves the selected files to a removed_files folder
  • New Graphing enhancements:
    • Zero-Line Accuracy Percentage removed (was causing confusion for some users)
    • New Focus Range indication and logic (replaces Zero-Line Accuracy)
    • Enhanced logic and Help text.
  • New "in-application" link to Support Center (within Help Menu)
  • New Version Upgrade Check (within help menu)
  • Enhanced Brightness Leveling
  • Enhanced Compatible with Windows 10 and Mac Sierra (10.12)

LensAlign MkII Gen 4 Hardware Changes:

  • Optimized Focus-Target Plate and Ruler (both included in the V4 upgrade)

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