Using WhiBal in a mixed lighting environment

In architectural photography I quite often shoot in an interiors with natural, fluorescent and other light sources all mixed together. I currently colour adjust in PS CS6 but am aware of the limitations. Can Whibal provide reliable help?

In mixed lighting environments there is no single White balance setting that can properly balance the scene. But with the use of WhiBal, you can do the following:

  • Take the master shot in RAW mode
  • Then (or before) shoot the WhiBal in each area of the scene with a different light source
  • In your raw converter of choice, for each light source export the picture using the WhiBal shot from each specific light source.
  • Bring these exports into PS as layers, and mask each layer appropriately so that each section of the photo is properly balanced to its light source.

There are many variations of that theme, but hopefully it can serve as a map to many ways to accomplish great looking pictures from mixed light sources.

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