FocusTune V3 Download and Activation

FocusTune V3 has been superseded by Focustune V4. The current release of FocusTune is V4.0 build 9 (V4.0.9).

We recommend that all FocusTune users upgrade to V4. Click here for FocusTune V4 information. We provide the V3 information and download links below for people who are running v3 and do not wish to upgrade.

Activation Information

  • Requires V3 License Activation Key
  • The first time FocusTune V3 is run it will ask for you to enter the License Key, your name and email address
  • You must be connected to the web at that time, as we will connect you to our server to activate your FocusTune License
  • You will not be asked for your key or need to be connected to the web in the future for that copy of FocusTune
  • You will be able to activate FocusTune on 2 machines that you own, either Win or Mac, or 1 of each

Download for Windows 7/8

Click here to download FocusTune V3 for Windows (V3.0.9)

  • You must run as Admin to run FocusTune
  • Uninstall previous versions.
  • Unzip
  • Run setup-file
  • If installer asks you for install directory, please edit to: driveletter:\Program Files (x86)\MichaelTapesDesign\focustune

Download for Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.10 (Mountain Lion thru Yosemite)

Click here to download FocusTune V3 for Mac (V3.0.9)

  • UnZip
  • Move to Applications folder (replace previous version)
  • Depending on your security settings, FocusTune may be blocked by the Mac Gatekeeper when you run it for the first time. This page describes the simple procedure.

FocusTune v3 Focus Target Information

Click here for target information, download or purchase

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