Is there a checklist for the LenAlign process?

1. Perform Setup Procedure

  1. Mount LensAlign and Camera on Tripods
  2. Distance at 8.2 feet per 100mm (25xFL)
  3. Using Sighting System (True Parallel Alignment) confirm that the rear port (dot) of the sighting port is centered within the front port, and centered within the camera LCD.
  4. After mounting the Large Focus-Plate, take a test shot and confirm that the focus target point (A, B, or C) is centered on the camera LCD screen.

2. Confirm Camera Settings

  1. Large JPEG Fine
  2. Single point center AF-S enabled by shutter release (not back AF button)
  3. Drive mode to single shot
  4. Mirror up or delayed exposure (lenses over 200mm or lightweight camera tripods)
  5. Cable release (wired) or self timer
  6. Manual exposure for indoor continuos lighting - Aperture priority (large spot metering) for outdoor daylight
  7. Picture Style/Control to Standard
  8. All auto functions off (White balance, light optimizes, distortion correction, etc)
  9. Aperture wide open
  10. Crop mode on Hi Res camera (Nikon D800/810, Canon 5Ds/R)
  11. Live Mode Off

3. Take Final Confirmation Shot

  1. Adjust exposure so that that highlights just trigger blinkies on camera LCD
  2. Set exposure to 1/3 stop less from when binkies (highlight warning) begin to flash (proper exposure should have no blinkies)
  3. Confirm that Focus Point (A, B, or C) is centered in the LCD during image playback

4. Shoot the Test Series

  1. Format memory card
  2. Set AFA (Fine Tune or MicroAdjustment) to the most negative setting in the test series. (use the per lens,not the default)
  3. Note: If first test choose a test range and increment like -20 to +20  with a step increment of 5 (if you think the AF is very mis-calibrated), or -9 to +9 with a step increment of 3 (if you think that the AF system is only marginally bad, or you do not know)
  4. Set the AFA to the most negative setting in your range.
  5. Take a set of 5-8 shots with the following sequence:
  6. Defocus; remove hand from lens; half press shutter release; wait for AF lock; continue to full press. Repeat for each shot at that specific AF setting.
  7. Adjust the AFA setting by the desired increment amount towards the positive direction.
  8. Only touch the camera lightly when adjusting the menu.
  9. Return to step 3 until the 5-8 shot series is complete.


5. Evaluate Test Series

  1. Download the test series into a separate folder
  2. Open/Import the folder in FocusTune
  3. Select the target and ruler click/crop points
  4. Process the test series
  5. Review the analysis using the PDF graph and the images with red focus mask
  6. If a final AFA setting can be established then set that value in the cameras AF menu. You are done :>)
  7. If the final AFA setting cannot yet be determined, then continue to the next step

6. Set New Test Series Parameters

  1. Determine the new low and high AFA range and increment that will allow you fine tune the analysis
  2. Return to Step 4.1
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