Running FocusTune in macOS Sierra (10.12.x) and High Sierra (10.13.x)

1. High Sierra only

macOS High Sierra 10.13 introduces a new security feature that requires user approval before installing many downloaded applications that are not known to Apple. This approval is a one time process to "approve" FocusTune for use on your mac computer.

1.1. Set Security Policy

When you run FocusTune you may see a dialog that looks something like this:

Please make the following changes to your Security & Privacy settings to approve FocusTune for use on your system.

Open System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy.

1) You may need to click the Lock symbol in the bottom right corner of your Security & Privacy menu to make the other changes.

2.) Make sure that App Store and Identified developers is selected.

3.) Click: Allow, which will approve FocusTune to run on your system.

2. Sierra and High Sierra

2.1. Apple GateKeeper Dialog Box

FocusTune is fully compatible with macOS Sierra and High Sierra, however, changes to the Apple Gatekeeper may force an extra dialog box to be clicked each time when launching FocusTune.

Apple GateKeeper Dialog Box

2.2. Copy to Applications folder

After downloading FocusTune, the zip file should be uncompressed (double-click). Then should be copied to the Applications folder. The downloaded version and the zip file can then be moved to the Trash.

2.3. Video Instructions

This video explains how to download and run under macOS Sierra.

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