FocusTune for Mac OS Catalina delayed. No current projection of when or if..

We have re-written FocusTune for 64-bit mode. This should ensure that FocusTune will run under macOS and WIndows for the foreseeable future. The FocusTune 64-bit mode version was planned for release during the first qtr of  2020 and will be a paid upgrade. People who have purchased FocusTune within 2019 will be eligible for a free upgrade.


At this point the delay is being cause by a medical emergency that I am facing. I have been diagnosed with Head/Neck Cancer, and am now going through all of the diagnostic tests and creating a treatment plan. This is sucking up a lot of time and energy, both mental and physical. Not trying to be dramatic here, just the unfortunate reality of the situation. Already have had 2 surgeries, and about to begin radiation and chemo treatments around April 15

We hope to offer a 10 day free-trial  beta test version if and when we are able to complete our internal work and testing. Please watch for this FAQ to update with details. Thanks for your kind patience and understanding. If you wish to get an advanced release, please send an email to with "FocusTune beta" as the subject.

I regret the continued delays to the release of this critical software. I appreciate your patience and undestanding.

~michael tapes

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